Yahtzee Rules – How to Play Yahtzee (The Right Way)

Yahtzee is a classic dice game. The game is fun to play with your friends and family. You play the game with any number of player and it’s easy too. You can play this game with any from 8 years to 60 years.

To play the game you need 1 or more player, five dice and scoring card for each player

Object of the game

The object of the game is to complete all 13 rounds and be the player who has the highest score in the end.

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How to play Yahtzee (Gameplay)

You may choose to start the game with the youngest player and then proceed clockwise or you can roll all dice, the highest-scoring player goes first and proceed clockwise.

Each player gets to play 13 rounds, at the end of those 13 rounds you have to fill all the 13 categories on your scorecard.

On each turn, players may decide to roll the dice more than one time. A player can roll the dice 3 times on their turn. When a player rolls all the dice first time, they can decide which dice they want to keep and which dice they will roll again.

Each category can be scored only one time, so players have to decide which categories they want to complete first. On every turn, the player must choose one category even if they are not getting less or no points with them.

After selecting a category and recording the score on your score sheet. The next player takes their turn.

Note: if you keep a dice aside after your first roll, that doesn’t mean you can not roll the dice again.

How to score

The 13 categories are divided into 2 sections, one is the upper section and the other is lower section;
Upper section
One – you will get one point for each “1”.

you will get Two points for each “2”.

you will get three points for each “3”.

you will get four points for each “4”.

you will get five points for each “5”.

you will get six points for each “6”.

Lower section

The lower section is all about combination, on each category players have to make a combination according to the rules, which are as follow;

Three of a kind
What you need – Three dice of the same number.
How many points – players will get a sum of 5 dices. For example; if your get, 3,3,3,1,6. That means you will get 16 points.

Four of a kind
What you need – Four dice of the same number.
How many points – Players will get a sum of all 5 dices. For example; if you get 4,4,4,4,5. That means you will get 21 points.

Full House
What you need – to complete full house players need three dice of the same number and 2 dice of another same number.
How many points – Player will get 25 points for completing the “Full House” category. For example; if you get 3,3,3,1,1.

Small straight
What you need – dice showing any sequence of four numbers.
How many points – players will get 30 points for completing the “ small Straight”. For example; if you get 1,2,3,4, and any other number.

Large straight
What you need – all the 5 dice in a sequence.
How many points – players will get 40 points if they get 1,2,3,4,5or 2,3,4,5,6.

What you need – any 5 dice.
How many points – players will get the sum of all 5 dice. For example – If you get 1,4,5,6,5. That means you get 21 points.

What you need – Five dice of the same color makes a Yahtzee.
How many points – for completing the Yahtzee, each player gets 50 points. Also, this is the only category, which you can do as many times you get 5 same dice.

If you get another Yahtzee, you will get 100 points bonus. Take a bonus chip and put a checkmark in the Yahtzee bonus box on your scorecard.

Special scoring Rules

A player that already scored a Yahtzee, when they score addition then they get points for each Yahtzee beyond the first and apply the joker rules;

In any case, you zeroed out your Yahtzee, only then you can apply joker rule. You must fill your score in the upper section first.

Joker rules

Joker rules are used when you scored an additional Yahtzee that you can not score because you already zeroed on your sheet.

In that case, you may put the sum of your 5 dice in any available space in the upper section and chance. If the upper section is already filled, then you can fill in the lower section as follow:

Three or four of a kind = sum of all five dice.
Small straight = 30 points
large straight = 40 points
full house = 25points.

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How to win

When all player completes their all their 13 rounds the game ends;
Now, it’s time to calculate your score.

Upper section – calculate all the points of the upper section. If any player scored 63 points or more in the upper section. They will get 35 bonus points.

Lower section – calculate all the points of the lower section. 100 bonus points for each check-in Yahtzee bonus box.

Sum up both the section scores. The player with the highest score wins the game.
Yahtzee Strategy