Waterfall Rules – How to Play Waterfall (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn about waterfall rules and how to play the game.

Waterfall is a popular drinking game among college students and anybody who likes to drink and play. This game is also known as king’s cup, Ring of fire and circle of death.

One reason the waterfall game being so popular is it does not requires a lot of things to play. For playing this game you only need 4 or more players (more the better), a card deck and drinks for everybody.

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Game Setup

Before starting the game place the beer or any drinks you have on the center of the table. Now, spread out all the cards in a circular shape around the drink.

Each player gets a drink and make sure that everyone knows, the rule associated with each card because some of the cards require everybody to act quickly.

You can download the rules and print them out.

Waterfall Rules

There are many variations available to play this game, you can even make some rules of your own to make the game more exciting for you and your friends.

Below are the most common rules to play the game. If you want to know about other rules. I have listed them down in the cards variation section.

When these cords are pulled, this is what you have to do”

Two – When a two is pulled, you may give a drink to whoever you’d like and that person must drink 2 sips.

Three -When a three is pulled, the person who draws three drinks at least 3 sips.

Four – When a four is pulled, everybody touches the floor as fast as possible. The last person to touch the floor must drink.

Five – When a five is pulled all the guys would drink.

Six – When a six is pulled all the girls would drink.

Seven – When a seven is pulled everybody points up and says “heaven”, the last person to reach their hand up to the sky must drink.

Eight – When an eight is pulled the person who draws this card and his/her partner would drink. If he/she doesn’t have a partner, he/she can choose any person to drink with.

Nine – When a nine is pulled, the person who picks this card, says a word. Then the next person to draw the card now have to say a word rhyming with that word. The rhyming would continue until any person fails to say a word that rhymes or can’t think of any word to say, the person fails to say the world takes a drink.

Ten – The player who draws this card chooses a category. Then every player must take a name from that category. The player to fail in naming takes a drink. Some categories you can use are Drinks types and car brands.

Jack – The player who draws this card becomes a thumb master. The thumb master has the power to place his/her thumb on the table at any time and all the other player must place their thumbs on the table quickly. The last person to do this must take a drink.

Note: The thumb master may place his/her thumb on the table anytime until someone draws the jack.


The player who draws this card becomes queen master. then he/she has to choose a player to ask a question and another player must respond with a question. This would continue until someone takes a long time to ask a question or fails to ask a question. The person who fails in asking the question takes a drink.   


The player who pulls this card gets a chance to make a rule and players must obey the rule. The player fails to follow the rule takes a drink. The rule would continue until someone draws the king and choose to cancel the rule instead of making a new rule.

You can make rules like; the player drinking must compliment you before taking a sip or all the player would hold the drink on their left hand and no player will say drink and drunk in the entire game.  


The player who draws Ace takes a drink and start drinking along with all the player.

Each player on the table should start drinking at the same time. You can only stop drink until the player sitting on your left stops drinking. Any player breaks the rule and stop drinking before their player on the left must take a drink.

Card variations 

Bust a Jive!

You can choose any card to play this variation for example, you choose “4” to Bust a jive.

The player who draws this card does a dance move. One next player turns he/she do the same move and add one movie of his own. Then the next player does the same by dancing the two moves and adding his/her one movie. The game would continue until someone not able to do the dance move or makes a mistake, that person takes a drink.


The player who draws this card would lay it down in front of him/her. Then, all the other players must not answer that person’s questions. In case someone answers the question verbally, he/she takes a drunk.


When this card pulled everybody has to tip their foreheads as fast as possible. The last player to do this takes a drink.


The person to pull this card will lay down the card in front of him/her face up. Now, all the players would start looking at him/her closely. As soon as the player makes any kind of activity for example; blinking fast or rolling thumbs, all the other players must follow him/her. The Person who doesn’t understand and acts last would take a drink.

How to Play

I hope you learn waterfall rules and some new variations to make the game more enjoyable and fun to play.