Uno Flash Rules – How to Play Instruction (Updated 2020)

Uno flip is a card game for all ages. It’s like all the UNO card games but it has something which no other Uno game has. The game requires you to play fast. The wins the game you must be first to play the game.

The components you get with the game:

1 Uno Flash game Unit
19 Blue, Green, Red, Yellow cards (0-9)
8 Draw two cards (2 cards for each color)
8 Slap Cards (2 cards for each color)
8 Skip cards (2 cards for each color)
4 wild cards
4 wild draw four cards

The object of the game is to beat all of your opponents in each round by getting rid of all the cards before them.

To wins the game you have to play the game fast, so you don’t get any penalty and score 500 points.

How to Setup the Game

All the players must decide who fast they want to play. You will find a speed switch on the bottom of the unit. Select your desired speed and flip the on/off switch.

All the players draw a card to decide which player will be the dealer. The player with the highest number card deals (all the symbols card value is zero).

The dealer will deal 7 cards to each player and place the remaining deck in one side of the tray to form a draw pile.

Now, turn over the top card of the draw pile, that card will start the discard pile. Place it on the other side of the tray.

If you get action cards on the discard pile, just follow the instructions of the action card.

To start the game, all players will press the play button in front of them.

How to Play Uno Flash (Gameplay)

When you see the play button lights up. it’s your turn, on your turn, you may only play a card of your hands if the card matches to the card on the discard pile either by number, color or action cards.

For example; when the top card of the discard pile is green 9, the player must play a green card or any color 9.

When you do not have a card that matches the top card of the discard pile, then you may draw one card from the draw pile.

If that card matches the discard pile card. You can play that card in the same turn.

A player can decide not to use a playable on their turn. Then, they must draw one card from the draw pile.

If the drawn card is playable, they can play the card in the same turn but you may not play any other card from your hand.

As soon as you complete your turn, press the play button. Then, the next player takes their turn.

If you fail to complete your turn in time, you will hear a buzzer. That means now you have to draw two cards from the draw pile. You get the penalty because you take too long to complete your turn.

Special Cards in Uno Flash

Skip Card

This card may allow you to force the next player to skip their turn. When any player uses this card. The next player must skip their turn.

Players have to press their player button before the time runs out even when they skip their turn.

Draw Two Card

When someone plays this card, the next player must draw 2 cards and lose their turn. Make sure to draw the cards before the time.

If a player fails to draw and press the button in the time. Then, they need to draw an additional two cards.

Wild card

The player who has this card, choose the color for the discard pile. A player can play a wild card on their turn even if they have other playable cards.

If you’re the first player to start the game and you get a wild card. You have to choose the colors that continue to play.

Slap Card

If you play the slapped card on your turn. Then you have to press the slap button (Yellow Button) instead of the normal button you press on your turn.

As soon as you press the slap button. All the players will try to press their buttons as fast as possible. The last player to press the button draw 2 cards from the draw pile.

Wild Draw Four

If you play this card, you get to choose the color of your choice for the discard pile. The player sitting next to you must draw 4 cards from the pile and skip their turn.

A player may pause the timer to draw 4 cards by pressing the play/pause button on the machine.

How to Score

Players who complete the game by losing all of their cards. gets points for all the cards remaining in their opponent cards.

Number cards (1-9) = Face Value
Draw Two = 20 points
Slap = 20 points
Skip = 20 points
Wild = 50 points
Wild Draw Four = 50 points

Calculate all the player score, if no player scored 500 points, play another round.

How to Win at Uno Flash

The first player to score 500 points wins the game.