Splendor Rules – How to Play Splendor (The Right Way)

Splendor is a 2-4 player economic card game. In splendor players are gem merchants, using gem tokens to purchase valuable development cards, and competing with each other to become the most reputable jewel crafter of the Renaissance.

Object of the game

The game object is to collect 15 prestige points by acquiring development cards and earning the nobility’s respect.

Game Setup

Separate all the development cards into their deck and shuffle them. Place all the 3 decks on the table vertically, one under the next.

Place 4 cards from each deck next to their respective deck. Now you have 3 decks of development card laying down vertically and 4 cards from each deck horizontally.

Shuffle the noble titles and place them above the development cards. place the tiles according to the number of players in the game, plus one. For example; if you playing with 4 persons then place 5 Noble tiles above the playa area.

when 2 players are playing, reduce each token piles to 4 by removing 3 from each, but make sure to leave 5 gold token.

When 3 players are playing, reduce all token piles to 5 by removing 2 from each, but make sure to leave 5 gold token.

How to play Splendor (Gameplay)

The youngest player goes first, from there the game proceeds clockwise. Each player may perform one action on their turn from the four available actions.

#1. Take gem chips

Each player may take 3 gems of different types or 2 gems of the same type. A player can only take 2 gems of the same type when there are at least 4 gems of the same type available.

One other rules are, a player can only hold 10 tokens at a time. This means when they end their turn, you should not be holding more than 10 tokens.

When any player has more than 10 tokens, then the player must return the extra tokens and should only keep 10 tokens with him/her. And each player must place their tokens at a place where all players can see them.

Why it’s important
Having tokens is important because that will give you the option on your turn to instead take the action to purchase a single face-up development card.

#2. Buy a Development card

To buy a card, players need to spend the resources shown on the card. You can use the gold token as any color resource. After a player buys a card, put all the resources back on the center of the table.

The one development card equals to 1 gem, so Players should put the development cards in front of them so everybody can see them.

Why it’s important
The benefits of having development are probably pretty obvious at this point. When you spend token you will lose the card but with developments, you get to keep them.

#3. Reserve a development card

When a player decides to use this action, then the player chooses a faceup development card from the board and take it into the hand.
Players can also choose to take the top card from the development card deck instead of taking a face-up card. Players should keep the card a secret until the card purchased or can not be discarded. Players can only have 3 reserved cards in hand.
The reserve action is performed to gain a gold token because it is the only way to get a gold token, but players can have space in their hands because taking the action.

Note – players can reserve a card even when no gold token is available.

#4. Pay off a reserved card

Once a player has the tokens to pay the reserved card, they may pay the number of tokens shown on the card.

Remember the gold token can bed used as any color token and if you have a development card, the card is used as gem token ( for example; if the reserved card required 4 blue tokens, you can use your 2 blue tokens, 1 gold token, and 1 development card to pay off your reserved card).

Noble Tiles

After deciding with which action you want to take, players must check if they gain a noble Tile. This happens when players have the minimum needed requirements for bonuses or types of cards on the noble tile.

If the requirements are met, the player gets the title and can not refuse it. If a player gets multiple titles, they must pick which one they want to take.

After taking the noble tile, players should place them in front of them.


You get a bonus after you purchase development cards. the bonus is represented by a gem type in the top corner.

When a player receives the bonus then, they have a free resource of that type to spend on their turn. You can purchase a card with just a bonus.

To purchase a card from a bonus, subtract the bonus from the card price and pay any left-over resources.

How to Win

When a player has 15 or more prestige points in front of them, that player wins the game.

But if any players who have not yet taken a turn that round they complete their turn and then the game overs. If there’s a tie then the tied player with the fewest developments purchased is the winner.


You collect gems to acquire developments so that you can acquire better developments and efficiently collect the prestige points that are required to win.