Skip bo Rules – How to play Skip-Bo (The Right Way)

Objective of the game

Be the first player to get rid of their stock pile by playing them on building pile.

Game setup

Making sure that there are enough space for each player, every player requires to build discard pile in front of him.

Stock Pile

Building pile

A player may build up to 4 building pile to play their cards. The building pile requires 1 or a skip bo card to start a building pile. Then, the pile must build from 1 to 12 in a sequence. You may build another building pile after you one pile completes.  

Draw Pile

Discard Pile

A player can build upto 4 discard pile. The discard pile is used to put the cards that are currently not required and will come in play. You may build the pile in any order. Keep in mind only top card can bed played from discard pile.

How to play skip bo

The player sitting next to the dealer goes first and the game moves clockwise.

Each player draw 5 cards from draw pile during their turn. Player may only start making building pile. If they have 1 or skip bo card. If a player able to play all their cards, you may draw another 5 cards from discard pile.

Player end their turn by discarding 1 card in from their hands in one of your discard pile.

On player second turn, player draw additional cards to make 5 cards his/her hand. Now, player can play from their hand, discard pile and stockpile.

Scoring  and iwnning

A player get 25 points for wining the game and 5 points for each remainng card in opponents stodckpile. You can multiple games it make it more competitive.

How to play with partner

A partner may play from their partner stock and discard pile but the partner needs to keep quiet during the turn. If a player says anything during the play they must put 2 cards from discard pile to their stockpile. The game ends when both, you and your partner play all their cards from stockpile.