Skip Bo Junior Rules – How to play Skip Bo Junior (The Right Way)

This instruction is for those who want to learn Skip-bo junior Rules and how to play the game.

Skip bo junior is a card game for kids. It’s a simpler version of classic skip bo game. The rules of the game seem a little confusing at the start but once you learn the rules. the game is pretty competitive and fun to play.

This version of the game is for kids. If you’re older then 12 years you can play skip bo, which is more competitive and requires strategic moves to win the game.

This game comes with 80 skip bo cards and 16 wild cards and requires 2-4 player aged more than 5 years to play the game

The objective of the game is to play all of your stockpile cards before other players. You can play those cards to make building piles.

Game Setup

  • First, choose a dealer (usually the oldest player become dealer).
  • The dealers will shuffle the deck and give each player 10 cards face down to make a stockpile.
  • The first card from the stockpile would always turn over face up.
  • Make sure there is enough space in the center of the table to form 4 building piles.
    The youngest player goes first and the gameplay clockwise.

Building Pile

Building pile helps you lose your cards from the stockpile by making a sequence from number 1 to 10.
You can build up to 4 building pile in your play area. Any player can play their cards on the building pile.
This pile must build in a sequence. This means the pile will start from 1 and ends with 10.
As soon as the building piles reach 10. you may remove it and make space for a new building pile.

Note: the wild card can be played as any number card and as many times possible.

How to play

The dealer deal 3 cards face up to each player on their turn. Those three cards are a player’s hand. You can only play your first move with those 3 cards and one card from the top of your stockpile.

The objective of the game is to get rid of stockpiles by playing them on building pile.
So, on each player turn players will try to make a sequence but the sequence can only be started with 1 or wild card.

On your first turn if you don’t have either 1 or wild card. Then you have to pass your turn to the next player.

Then the next player gets 3 cards. Now, he/she can play with cards on their hand or the top card from a stockpile.

On every turn, a player gets 3 cards, if you have a remaining card from your last turn in your hand. You must place new cards on the top of the previous cards.

you have to play top cards before playing the cards below them.

A player may play as many cards during their turn but should focus on playing the top card from the stockpile and You should turn over the next card face up from the stockpile as soon as you play the top card.

If the dealer runs out of cards to deal. The dealer should shuffle cards from the discarded building piles.

The game will go on until someone plays all their stockpile cards.

Winning the Game

The first player to play all their stockpile cards wins the game. The player does not need to play the hands card to win the game.