Sequence Rules – How to play Sequence (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn about Sequence Rules and how to play the game.

The game can be played with 2 – 12 players. The number of players must be divisible by 2 or 3. Each team or player is then assigned tokens of one color.

Remove the joker cards from the deck and shuffle the deck.

In the Box

Game board
2 decks of Sequence cards (104 cards)
50 Green chips
50 Red chips
35 blue chips

The blue and green chips will be used, when 2 players or 2 teams are playing. The red chips will be used only when three players or three teams are playing.

Object of the game

If 2 players or 2 teams are playing, the first player or the team to score two sequences wins the game.
If 3 players or 3 teams are playing, the first player or the team to score one sequence wins the game.  

Cards dealing in Sequence

Sequence can be played with up to 12 players. So dealing with the number of cards depends on how many players are playing (See below).

2 player – 7 cards each
3 player – 6 cards each
4 players – 6 cards each
6 players – 5 cards each
8 players – 4 cards each
9 players – 4 cards each
10 players – 3 cards each
12 players – 3 cards each

Note: The number of players must be divisible by 2 or 3.

What is sequence 

A sequence is five same color chips lined up horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Game Setup

Place the game board on the table and make sure that, there enough room for each player or team to put their cards, marker chips and discard pile.

Make sure the team is diving evenly,

How to play sequence

After dealing with the cards to each player, the player sitting left of the dealer will start with the game and the game will move in a clockwise direction.

Each player on there turn to choose a card from there hand and put it on a discard pile facing up. Then, ending the turn by placing the marker chips on the matching card on the game board.

The game board has 2 pictures of each card, so it’s the player choice where he wants to put the chip.

Once any player places a marker chip on the board, it can not be removed by any player except when using one-eyed Jack.

Each player will play their turn and the player or team to make sequence first wins the game.  


The game comes with 8 jacks in the card deck:

4 of the jacks has 2 eyes, these are our wild cards. You can play them by putting them on your discard pile and place one of the chips on any open space on the board.

The other 4 jacks with one eye are also important, you can use them to remove your opponent marker chip from the game board. You can play these 4 one eye jack, by placing the jack on your discard pile and removing one marker chip of your opponent. After the removal of your opponent chip, completes your turn, you can not place your chip on the board on this turn.

Note: you can not remove a chip that is part of a completed sequence. As soon as the sequence completes, it can not be broken.

Special spaces

If you look closely, you will see the game board has 4 spaces on the corners. These are the bonus spaces. The corner can be used as your one mark chip. Means, when your place 4 of your chips in the corner, then you need only 4 cards to complete one sequence.

Dead card

The card you cannot play because someone has already put their chips on both the card place becomes a dead card. It only happens when you or your opponent use a wild card and takes place on the game board.

You can place the dead card in the discard pile and let everybody know, that this card is a dead card. And draw a new card from the deck.

Table Talk

This is a strict rule, no talking between team members. If any team member tells anything to another partner and the person changes his mind and starts playing according to that. Then, 

Each member of the team will forfeit one card from their hand and place it on the discard pile.

Sequence game online
Sequence game strategy

How to win Sequence

You have to complete two sequences to win the game if you are playing in 2 teams or 2 players. You can make a sequence in any direction, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You can also use spaces from one sequence in your second sequence.

If you are playing 3 players or 3 teams, then all the rules will be the same except only one sequence is required to win the game.

The sequence Game rules are quite basic but the game requires skill and strategy to play and win.