Scrabble Rules – How to Play Instruction (Updated 2020)

Scrabble is a board game for everybody age above 8 years. you can play the game with 2 -4 players.

The object of the game is to form words on the gameboard by using letters from their racks and get points.

The Player will get a different value for each letter, to score more player may play the letters on the premium squares.

Premium squares can make the value of letters and words doubles and triple.

How to Setup the Game

Scrabble comes with a game board, a pouch with 100 letter tiles and tile racks to place the tiles in front of you.

Place the game board in the center of the table. Put all the letter tiles in the pouch and shuffle them.

Choose a player who will keep the scores and decide a dictionary (in case if any player thinks the word is spelled wrong).

How to Play Scrabble (Gameplay)

To decide which player goes first, each player draws a letter from the pouch. The player with the closest letter to “A” goes first.

And if a player draws a blank tile while deciding which player will play first. In that situation player with a blank tile will go first.

On each player’s first turn, they will draw 7 tiles from the pouch and place them on their letter rack in front of them.

Your turn:

The first player must place the first letter in the center square of the board. the center square has a “star” on it.

The player who plays their letter on the “star” square Gets double score. Now, The next player will try to build their words from this letter.

Then the game continues in a clockwise direction.

All the words you play during the game should be two or more letters long. You may only play the words either horizontally or vertically.

Making a word in diagonal is not permitted and would not earn any score.

A player will end their turn by drawing the number of tiles from the pouch, as they played on that turn.

A wrong word or miss-spelled word

Whenever a player completes a word if any players think the word is not spelled right or the world is not real.

They may challenge the opponent the words they have played are wrong.

And if you decide to challenge, make sure you challenge them before the play moves on to the next player.

If the word found not right or miss-spelled, then the played letter tiles must return to the player’s hand and they lose their turn.

When a played letter made multiple words in a turn, and someone challenges the word is not right.

If the word found wrong, then all the letter tiles must return to their owner’s hand and that player loses their turn.

for this situation, scrabble has an official rule, which says decide a dictionary of everybody’s choice before starting the game.

All the words of that dictionary that are labeled as parts of speech, including the foreign origin and obsolete, are allowed.

The word of that dictionary which is not allowed are abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes standing alone, words requiring capitalization, and words that require a hyphen or apostrophe.

Scrabble has an Official Scrabble player dictionary which is great for a person who likes to play the game regularly.

Exchange your tiles

On each player’s turn, they may decide to play a letter or replace their all tiles.

The player exchanges their tiles when they don’t have any letter, which makes a word.

To exchange the tiles, discard your letters facedown and draw the same number of letters from the pouch.

Now, put all the discard tiles in the pouch. You may only exchange tiles when there are 7 or more Tiles available in the pouch.

The game continues until all the pouch letters are drawn and one player has played all of their tiles.

How to Keep Score in Scrabble

Choose a player to be the scorekeeper. The job of the scorekeeper is to write the score of each player on a paper or a sheet.

You can see the value of each letter on the bottom of the tile. The value of a blank tile is zero.

player score when they formed or modified any word on their turn. A player can earn additional points when they play on premium squares.

There are two premium squares on the game board:

#1 Premium Letter Squares

A Light blue square is a premium Letter square, which doubles the score of that letter value.

A Dark blue square is a premium letter square, which triples the score of that letter value.

#2 Premium Word Squares

A Light Pink Square is a premium word square, which means if any letter of a word, placed on this square. It will double the value of the entire word.

A Red square is a premium word square, which means if any letter of a word, place on this square. It will triple the value of the entire word.

A Blank tile played on Light pink and right squares will also double or triple the value.

the premium letter or word only counts on the turn in which they are played. If a letter is already played on a premium square, later counts at their face value.

If in any turn two or more words are formed, each is scored. You will count the common letter for both of the words.


If you’re able to play all of your 7 letters on a single turn then it’s a Bingo. You get 50 points for that.

Unplayed Letter (Tiles)

If a player left with some tiles at the end of the game. Reduce the sum of those tiles value from their total score.

And if a player has able to play all their tiles, that player gets the sum of unplayed tiles of other players added to their total score.

How to Win at Scrabble

After the tiles pouch gets empty and one player used all of their tiles, the game ends.

In the end, the player with the highest score wins the game and If it’s a tie, player with the highest score before removing or adding unplayed letters points, wins the game.