Rage Cage Rules – How to Play Rage Cage (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn about Rage cage rules and how to play the game.

Rage Cage is a drinking party game for young adults. The game is popular for it’s intense and fast-paced play. You can be played with 3 or more players but to have more fun, you need at least 7-8 players. The objective of the game is to quickly bounce the ball in the cup (more on that later).

Required Items:

To play the game, you will need the following items:

More than 20+ cups and if you are playing with 7-8 players, You can add more cups. If you’re confused, just get 3-4 cups for each player.

2 ping pong balls.

3 player minimum but least get more than 5 players.

Beer or any drink of your preference.

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Game Setup

Place all the cups in the middle of the table like, shown in the above image and make a circle around the table. Now, fill the middle cup full with beer or whatever you drinking and other remaining cups 1/3rd.

How to play Rage Cage (Gameplay)

All players around the table will make sure that there is equal space between all of them.
All players chant a countdown 3.2.1.. and start the game.

Two players sitting across from each other on opposite sides of the table will drink from the cup, start bouncing ping pong ball into their empty cup. the player would try to do it fast as possible to keep the game exciting and fast.

The player will pass the cup to the next player (clockwise) as soon as their ball goes inside the cup.

if the player lands the ball in the first try, they may pass it to any player on the table. This rule can be used in other ways. Let’s say you want someone to drink then you can pass it to the next to that person and if they can land the ball before that person, then the player can stack his into that player, forcing them to drink.

Here’s a simple explanation,
player 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6 playing the game. Player 2 and 5 starts the game by taking a cup and drink. Now if player 2 able to land the ball in the first try, then player 2 may pass the cup to player 4. If player 4 able to land the ball in the cup before player 5, 4 can stack the cup into player 5’s cup. then, player 5 is forced to a take cup from the center and drink it while player 4 gets to play again. When player 5 finishes drinking, he/she stacks the empty cups and try to land inside the cup. if player 4 can successfully land the ball before player 5 finishes, this cycle repeats.

If the ball does not land into the cup on first attend, the game moves around the circle (clockwise) as normal after the player makes the cup.

The game gets harder with every cup for two reasons, first, all the player stars get drunk and second, the cup stack becomes higher and now requires more time to get into the cup.
The player who stacks the last cup expects the center cup, wins the game and the other player will drink the full cup of beer.

Note: If a player bounces the ball and instead of landing on the empty cup in front of the cup the ball lands on cups in middle, them that will player must have to drink that cup before continue playing the game.