Quoridor Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Quoridor is a strategic game for 2 to 4 players. The game has won the Game of the Year award in 1997. The object of the game is to be the first player to reach any square on your opposite side of the board.

How to Setup the Game

To set up, put the gameboard in the center of the play area with the baseline pieces pressed into their positions on both sides of the board.

Each player then picks one of these sides as their own and put 10 fence pieces into the slots found on the outside edge of their baseline.

Then they each pick a colored pawn to put on the center space by their line and the other two pawns you can just return to the box.

As these are only used in the four-player game that we’ll discuss later and that’s the setup

How to Play Quoridor (Gameplay)

On each player’s turn, they will pick one of two options either move your pawn or place a wall you will only have access to the walls on your side of the board.

So once these run out, the only option you’ll have for the rest of the game is to move your pawn.

Moving Pawns

If you choose to move your pawn that’s easy, just go from the space you are on to any adjacent horizontal or vertical space.

You can even move backward if you like, though usually, you won’t want to. If you can help It instead of moving you can choose to place a fence on your turn.

To do that just take any one of them from behind your baseline and then place it between any two sets of squares, either vertically or horizontally.

Fences played later can go anywhere they don’t have to be adjacent to other fences, but you can put them adjacent.

Just make sure your fences line up properly with the squares.

Fences block pawn movements. You’ll have to move around them which will slow down your efforts to get to the other side.

One other rule about placing fences is that you can not place one in such a way
that it would completely block access to an opponent’s backline.

Face to Face

If two pawns are ever come face to face and a wall does not separate them, then you may move your pawn forward by jumping over your opponent into space on the other side of them.

Now, if there had been a fence behind the opponent, then this is the one situation where you are allowed to move diagonally.

How to Win Quoridor

The game will continue with turn going back and forth with players either placing fences or moving their pawn until eventually one of the players gets their pawn to any one of the nine spaces next to their opponent’s baseline.

As soon as that happens they are declared the winner.

How to play Quoridor with 4 players

In 4 player games, each player is given five fences and all four sides of the board are used along with all four of the pawns.

Each player placing their piece in the center space of the side that they are seated next to. So again the players here are each trying to get to the opposite side from where they started from.

Otherwise, the game is played mostly the same as we’ve already learned with players taking turns to go around the table.

And one additional rule, you can never jump over more than one pawn at a time. In other words, if two pawns are in front of you.

You can not jump over both of them but you could still jump diagonally. And remember the only time you can move diagonally in the game.

When you are face to face with another pawn and there is a wall or in the above case another pawn behind it.