Pop the Pig Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Pop the pig is a popular preschool classic game that is adored by children. In the game kids spin the spinner, pop a hamburger into his mouth, then pump his head. the more the pig eats, the more pig belly grows. The object of the game is to feed the pig hamburgers until his belly pops.

How to play Pop the Pig (Gameplay)

You need the pig, a die, and four of each color burger: Yellow, Red, Purple, and Green.

Start the game with burger arranged so that numbers are face-down. The youngest player begins the game by rolling the die to see what color burger they get to feed the pig.

For example, if the player rolls a green then they choose a green burger. If the die shows all four colors then the player can choose any color burger.

If the die shows an “X” your turn is skipped.

The player then turns their burger over to reveal the number on the bottom, feeds the burger to the pig, and then presses down on his head the number of time shows on their burger.

It’s very important to press down on his head quickly and firmly with two hands to properly inflate the pig’s belly.

If you don’t press all the way down on his head his belly will not inflate.

The player to the right then rolls the die and play continues counter-clockwise. If you run out of any kind of burger and you roll that color.

Play then passes to the next player. The more the pig eats the bigger his belly gets until he pops.

If he pops on your turn you win.

To player another round just twist the pig’s tail to the left to deflate his belly, close his vest and belt, and push down his arms.

if you can’t seem to twist the pig’s tail, then this means you have a different version of the pop the pig.

To deflate his belly just press down on his head one more time, then you close his vest and belt and push down his arms.

Please note that his arms will not go down until he has been reset properly.

To retrieve the burger simply open the door on the back of the pig and now you can play again.