Pit Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Pit is a fast-paced card game. In the game, players have to trade cards with each other and collect 9 cards of the same commodity.

The game can be played with 3 to 7 players. To play the game you need 74 special pit cards and a bell to announce the starting of the game and opening of the trade.

How to Setup the Game

Remove the Bear and Bull card from the deck. both the cards require additional rules. Read the rules and decide if you want to play with these cards or not.

Place the trading bell in the center of the play area and shuffle the deck. the deck size depends on the number of players.

The deck has 9 cards of eight different commodities. Which are Gas, Cattle, Silver, Gold, Rice, platinum, oil, and Cocoa.

So if you are playing with 3 players, you will use a total of 27 cards (9 cards of 3 commodities). For example; Gas, Cattle, and gold.

And for the four-player game choose 4 commodities. Play with the full deck in a 7 player game.

After deciding how many cards you are playing with, shuffle the deck and deal 9 cards to each player.

How to Play PIT (Gameplay)

After the cards are dealt with, all the players get 30 seconds to short the cards. one player will ring the bell and announce “The pit is Open”.

The game is fast-paced, so it has no turns. All the players may trade simultaneously as soon as the bell rings.

Players may trade 1 to 4 cards of the same commodities to any player. The players will shout the numbers, according to the number of same commodities card they are trading.

For example: if a player wants to trade 2 cards of “oils”. He/she will shout Two! Two! Two!

Trade Rules

These are simple trade rules. first is the player must Shout, the number of cards they want to trade.

The cards need to be of the same commodities and the trade must be for an equal number of cards.

For example; you can only trade two cards, if both the cards are of the same commodities and you get two cards for two cards, three for three.

When you shout for trading make sure to hide the cards. the trade must be secret and can’t be revealed.

The game continues until any players corner the market by obtaining all the nine cards of the same commodity.

The player will ring the bell and shouts the commodity they have collected by revealing the cards.

How to Score in PIT

After a player corner, the market gets points according to the points stated on the commodity. They get point printed on a card no the sum of all cards they have.

For example; if you “corner the silver”. You get 55 points for collecting all the commodity cards.

All Commodities Points:
Rice – 60
Platinum – 85
Silver – 55
Gold – 80
Gas – 50
Cattle – 75
Oil – 65
Cocoa – 100

Losing points

In Pit game, the player may lose points even before playing. So make sure to remember these rules. you can not trade before the pit is open.

And announcing the corner when you don’t have the cards. in both cases, the player loses 20 points.

How to Win in PIT

The first player to score 500 points wins the game. To collect 500 you have to play the game more than 5 rounds.

Game variations

Bull and Bear

If you have a version in which you get a Bull and Bear card. Just both of the cards in the deck and shuffle them.

The play remains as normal with some little different rules. in this version, some player gets 10 cards instead of 9.

A player may trade combinations that include either of the cards when trading. For example: if you like to trade your 2 “oil commodity” card. You may use your bull card as your 3rd “oil” card.

You can use “Bull card” in two ways. You can either play it as a wild card to complete a 9 card set ( 8 of one commodity and a bull card).

Or use it with 10 card set ( 9 of one commodity and one bull card), if you use the card with 9 commodity card. You get double points to corner the market.

Bear cards can not be used to gain a point. It is a penalty card. The player who has the card when someone corners the market, loses 20 points.

Also, the player who has a bull card, when any player corner the market also loses 20 points.

Party Variation

When you are playing the game with more than 7 players. Arrange a deck of pit card and bell for every 5-7 players.

From all the groups, the players who win 2 rounds in their group. Moves to a different table and play.