Name 5 Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Name 5 is an energetic fast-paced team game that really fun to play for a game night, a party, or with a group of family members.

The object of the game is to name five items on the category of what you’ve drawn. For example; Movies with a month in the tile.

The players get 30 seconds to think of five movies with a month in the tile. So if you or any of your team members can think of giving movie titles.

Then you get to move forward one space. the first team to get to the finish line wins.

How to Setup Name 5

Take the name 5 card deck and shuffle. Now, divide the deck into two piles, and place each pile in front of both the team.

Choose any one color token that will represent your team on the name 5 game board.

Both the teams place their color token (pawn) on the start space on the game board. the team with the youngest player will start the game.

How to Play Name 5 (Gameplay)

The youngest player team roll the dice and move their color token the corresponding number of spaces on the game board.

The other member of the same team will draw a card and read aloud the Name 5 challenge corresponding to the color of the space on which your token landed.

As soon as the player read the challenge. Another player from that team must start the 30 second timer to answer the question.

When you complete a round of the game and reach the end of the board. you then have to roll the exact number of spaces you required to reach the name 5 space in the middle of the game board.

When you fail to roll the exact number and the number is higher, then don’t move your token. Just draw a card and complete the challenge.

If you complete the challenge, you get to roll the dice again to try to enter the name 5 square. You can play again and again five times if you able to complete the challenges.

How to Win at Name 5

When you roll the exact number you need to enter the name 5 square, you get 90 seconds to answer all the question printed on the challenge card.

If you answer all the questions right, your team wins the game. If you fail, try to answer all questions on your next turn.

Note: the White arrow on the game board is not a space, you can’t land or count that as a Space.

Spaces on the Name 5 Game Board

All play

On the “All play” space on the board. you see two colors, the team who landed on the space choose one color before looking at the name 5 challenge card.

The other team will play the other color challenge. Now, one member from both the teams will read the challenge.

After that, the players will tell the challenge to their respective team. Both the teams will try to answer first.

In this round, there is no timer so player can take time to answer, but they need to answer first to win the round.

The team who answer first wins the round and take the next turn. If both the team fail in answering the challenge. Then, they draw another card and try to answer.


When you or any member of your team land on a wild space. your team gets to choose one challenge to answer from the name 5 challenge card.

As soon as you decide the challenge, start the timer and now you have 30 second to name 5 items from that challenge.

If you do the challenge successfully, you get another turn and play. And if you fail, you turn ends.

Flip Flop

When you or any member of your team land on a flip flop space. you team read the challenge corresponding to that color.

Then, you teams would name the first item and the opponent’s team would name the second item. This keep going until any team can not name the item.

The team who answer the last question correctly gets to roll the dice once again. moves the number of spaces and take the next turn.

Note: it’s a good idea to record the answers on a paper. So the one item would be counted twice.

Double Down

When your or any member of your team land on a Double down space. your team must choose 2 challenge from the name 5 challenge card.

You only have 30 second to complete both the challenges. If you complete before 30 seconds. You get to roll the dice once again.

Whatever the number you roll, move the double spaces of that number on the game board.