Mouse Trap Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Mouse Trap Game Rules is the complete resource to understand the game. it is a board game for players above 6 years.

You can play the game with 2-4 players and one game takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete. This means you can play even when you have less time.

In the box, You get a gameboard, 1 dice, 4 plastic mouse, rubber band, 52 cheese pieces, 2 metal marbles, Mouse Trap building part, and accessories.

How to Setup the game

Place the Mouse Trap gameboard in the center of the play area and make sure that the surface is flat, so the trap can work properly.

All players decide which color mouse they want to play with. After that place all the mouse trap parts next to the gameboard.

Create a pile of cheese pieces next to the gameboard and decide which player goes first. All players roll the dice once. The player who gets a higher number goes first.

How to play Mouse Trap (Gameplay)

After deciding who goes first, roll the dice and move the mouse number of space shows on the dice.

Now follow the instructions written on the space, the player landed. More than one player can occupy the same space.

Players end their turn by following the instruction then the game turns clockwise direction.

One of the most important parts of the game is to collect the cheese piece. These pieces help you later in the game to trap your opponent. (More on that later).

Types of Spaces in Mouse Trap

The gameboard has many spaces and all the spaces have different rules.

#1 Build Space

The build spaces have some numbers written on them like 2, 2-3, 2-3-4. When you land on one of the build space.

Look at the number and if any of the numbers match with the number of players.

You take a cheese piece and build one part of the Mouse Trap.

For example: If you land on 2-3-4 and 4 players are playing, then you can build the
Mouse Trap.

#2 Back or Forward move Space

When a player lands on these spaces, they must follow the instruction and move their mouse backward or forward.

But remember you don’t have to follow the instruction written on the new space.

#3 Take Cheese space

When a player lands on the take cheese space. they get the number of cheese pieces written on the space.

After playing for some time you will notice the cheese pile is empty. In that case, the player gets the cheese pieces from the opponent with the most cheese piece.

And if two players have the same amount of cheese pieces then, the player can take equal cheese pieces from both of the opponents.

When you land on the “Take Three cheese pieces from a rival with most” space. just do as it says, even if there are cheese pieces available in the pile.

If the opponent does not have enough piece, just take as much they have and take the rest of them from the cheese pile.

If two players have the same cheese pieces then, take equal pieces from both of them.

#4 Lose Cheese Space

when a player land on the Lose cheese space. they have to return the number of cheese pieces written on the space.

If they have less than the written number. return only the number of cheese they have at the time.

#5 Loop space

These are the last 6 spaces on the game board. safe space is the first one and cheese wheel space is the last.

The 6 spaces are where the mouse gets captured. If the Mouse Trap is not completed then, the player will circle around the loop until the trap completes.

#6 Dog Bone Space

Do nothing. Your turn is over.

#7 Cheese Wheel Space

When you land on this space, take two cheese pieces from the cheese pile. If the cheese pile is empty then take pieces from your opponents.

#8 Safe Space

When you land on this space, your opponent can not move your mouse.

#9 Turn crank space

To fully understand how you can trap your opponent in the Mouse Trap. Read the below instructions carefully.

How to build the Mouse Trap

As you already know, when a player lands on a build space they build a part of the Mouse Trap. You have to follow the building plan by placing each numbered part in its proper position.

And remember the Mouse Trap must be built-in numerical order.

For Example, The first player to land on build space would place the first part also known as Base A on the game board. after that, the second player would place the second part also known as Gear support in its place. The process continues until the Mouse Trap is completed.

Note: after placing the trap part, players must take one cheese piece and end their turn.

If you land on the build space on the Loop section of the gameboard. You then add two parts to the Mouse Trap instead of one and also take two cheese pieces from the cheese pile.

Players would not do anything after completing the Mouse Trap when they land on build space.

How to Trap Mouse

As soon as the mouse trap completes, players should try to trap their opponent’s. this is how you can capture your opponent on the Mouse Trap.

When a player ends their turn by landing on the turn crank space located in the Loop and there is a mouse on the cheese wheel space.

The player turns the crank slowly in a clockwise direction to set the trap in motion. If everything goes outright.

Your opponent’s mouse will be captured and is out of the game. You will get all the cheese pieces that he/she collected during their turn.

When you fail in capturing the mouse, your opponent may move their mouse to the safe space.

One or more mouse can be captured in one turn. When more than one mouse in on cheese wheel space and get both of them in the trap. You get both of their
cheese pieces.

In Mouse Trap you can force your opponent to move to the cheese wheel space, so you can try to capture them.

How to Move your opponent’s Mouse

When you waiting for an opponent mouse to come on cheese wheel space. you can move their mouse onto the cheese wheel space.

To move your mouse, first give one cheese piece to the cheese pile and choose an opponent’s mouse you would like to move.

Now, roll the dice and move your opponent’s mouse according to the dice instruction.

A player moves an opponent’s mouse as many times as he/she wants, as long as they return one cheese piece to the cheese pile.

You will turn the crank when you successfully moved your opponent mouse on the cheese wheel space.

A player can only move the mouse when they are on the turn crank space.

How to win at Mouse Trap

All players complete a round of the gameboard and eliminated the opponents by trapping them in Mouse Trap.

The last mouse on the gameboard wins the game.