Mad Gab Rules – How to play Mad Gab (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn about Mad Gab Rules and how to play the game.

Objective of the game 

Solve the mad gab puzzle and be the first team or player to earn 30 points. The puzzles are combinations of words that will sound like familiar names, places, and phrases, etc, when you read them aloud.

Game Setup 

The game box comes with 150 cards with 600 mad gab puzzles.

1 card Box
1 card Flipper
1 sand Timer

To play the game, you need two teams. The game can be played even the teams don’t have the same number of members.

Every card has four puzzles written on them. The players choose which side they want to play first. Clues are in the bubbles in big words. The answers to the clues are on the opposite side.

Key concepts to play mad gab


Team One, the solving team will choose one player as the coach, who will give clues and coach the guesser and loads the 3 cards in flipper.  


Team One, the solving team will one or more players as a guesser. Only one player will see the puzzle and say it loud. So the guessers can understand the puzzle.

You will get 3 minutes until the timer stops. You have to guess all three puzzles before times run out.


Team two, choose one player to play as a stealer. That member can not see the puzzle answers and gets a chance if the other team fails in guessing.


The scorekeeper is not just for keeping score. The scorekeeper’s job is to maintain discipline. And stoping the coach from giving a direct answer or making it obvious.

And making sure that the team stops playing after the timer stops.

Team 1 – Solving Team

Player 1 – The coach – Loads, flips, coach and judges if the puzzle solved.
Player 2 – The guesser(s) – Listen to the puzzles, guesses answers.

Team 2 – Stealing Team

Player 1 – the Stealer – looks and listens to the puzzle read by the opponent, with the possibility of stealing.
Player 2 – The scorekeeper – Operates the sand timer and administers any bonus points.

How to play mad gab (Gameplay)

After deciding who will play who (who will be coach, stealer, and guessed).

The coach from the Solving team, load the cards and flips up the flipper facing the guessers. the coach can see the puzzle answer in the right-hand corner of the card.

The scorekeeper will start the sand timer.

Now, the guesser starts saying the clues out loud. And the coach will direct him in understanding the answer.

The guessers have 3 minutes to solve the puzzle and score points.


The coach will help the guesser in how to say the puzzle by directing him. The coach is not allowed to see the puzzle clue but he/she can tell guessers to emphasize a word to get the answer, by telling guessers to emphasize certain syllables or read the puzzle faster or slower. 

For example; the coach can “Blend the two words”. The coach not allowed to give a clue as to the Topic and answer of the puzzle-like “it’s a Place.” 

The coach’s most significant role is to make the guesser say the mad gab puzzles loud, so they can understand the words. 

After the puzzles are solved, the coach’s job is to take the card from the flipper and place it down and put the next card in the flipper.


If a puzzle is hard for the solving team and they’re tired of sounding out the clues. The solving team can pass the puzzle. Then, that card becomes dead. Now the coach will pull that card from the flipper and places it down on the side.

Note: To Score bonus points, you need to solve all three puzzles on your turn

The game continues until the sand timer stops or until the puzzles have been solved or passed on.

The scorekeeper should note down, the sand position in the timer after the solving team completes all three puzzles.


There is one player from both teams who play as a stealer. If the solving team was not able to solve the puzzle and pass the puzzle when the timer stops. The stealer from the stealing team gets the chance to guess.

Note: the stealer is not allowed to see the puzzle. The stealer will listen when the solving teams were saying the puzzle loud.  

So the stealer job is to listen to the puzzle carefully, he/she can only guess based on sounds the guessing team has made during their turn.


  • Every correct puzzle answer is worth one point.
  • When the stealer guesses the puzzle, the stealing team gets 1 point.
  • All three puzzle is required to get the bonus point.
  • When solving the team completes all three puzzle before the timer. The scorekeeper will check the sand timer point section. If the sand in the section of the timer with a 2, add extra 2 bonus points to that team score.

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Choose a different coach and stealer every turn to make the game fun. The first team to reach 30 points, wins the game. In the event of a tie, one player from both teams will choose the final puzzle and load the card in the flipper. The first team to solve the puzzle will be the winner.