Joking Hazard Rules – How to play joking hazard (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn about Joking Hazard Rules and how to play the game.

Joking Hazard is a party card game for adults. The game allows players to develop funny situations from the content of the cards. The cards contain all types of dialogues from friendship to violence and much more.

the game has built to make millions of awful and funny situations from the cards. You will get a different situation every time you play and the best part is, all the cards have funny dialogues, even when the panel doesn’t make sense. It will make you laugh.

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Joking Hazard Rules

The rules are very simple, Read them carefully, so you can have the most fun while playing.

  1. The game is only for adults because of it’s mature content.
  2. You need 3 or more players to play the game. 
  3. You can write anything on the 10 blank cards.

How to play joking hazard 

The game box comes with 350 comic panel cards and 10 blank dialogue cards so you can add your own words.

These 10 cards are to make your game funnier. You can write something related to your friends to make the game more relatable.

First, shuffle the deck. 

Each player will draw 7 cards from the deck. 

choose a player to play judge from your group of friends. The judge will flip the top card of the deck and places it on the table. 

Note: the judge will change in every round. The player sitting in the left (clockwise) of the judge will be the next judge.

The judge plays second, by placing his card from the hand, creating a two-panel setup.

Now, the other players will play a card facing down at the end of the setup.

After every player plays their turn. The judge will shuffle the cards and put them face down one at a time, and then choose his/her favorite. 

The winner takes the winning card back for scorekeeping.

Next Round,

Each player draws another 7 cards. The person sitting left to the judge in the previous round becomes judge, and so on.

The first player to win 3 points (you can change it to your preference), wins the game.

Print you own deck

The creator of this game allows players to download the card PDF and print it out. 

Joking hazard rules

Joking hazard Red cards

What happens, when the judge randomly flips the top card off of the draw pile And that card has a red border.

That simply means it’s a Bonus Round. 

And the drawn card will be in the last panel.

In this round judge does not add a card. Instead, it’s up to players to add the first two panels. Also, anyone can replace unwanted cards in their hand at this time.

Every player besides the judge picks their best two starting cards and places them facedown.

After that, the judge flips each player’s cards over, reads the comic aloud, and then choose his/her favorite.

The winner of that round gets two points instead of one.

Joking hazard expansion pack

joking hazard deck enhancement 1

Many players were asking the creator of the game to add more cards to make the game more interesting.

The first joking hazard deck enhancement adds 100 cards to the game to create a more funny comic.   

Players just have to add these 100 cards to the original deck and mix them.

The new comic panel has many more cards.

cards about love.
cards about loss.
Cards about religion.

Joking hazard deck enhancement 2

The game creator introduced 100 new cards in their joking hazard deck enhancement 2 pack. These cards added to make game dirtier, raunchier and more offensive.

For playing with these cards, just add them to your original cards.

Joking hazard Blast from the past

This pack introduced an additional 50 history-related cards to give you a blast from the past.

This card pack is for those players, who feel the original cards are about current times and the game can be more fun if the situation will be from the past.  

Stroking hazard

This is not for everybody.

Stroking hazard is a product of collaboration between P**nhub and Cyanide & Happiness, and this pack makes the game more vulgar.

This pack introduced 50 highly erotic themed cards.

Joking hazard Enlarged Box

Another expansion pack from the creator of joking hazard. This pack brings 10 brand new cards and 10 blank cards to add your-Own dialogues.

The enlarged box contains 1000 joking hazard cards.

Joking hazard rules for 2 player

There’s no official rule for 2 player to play this game, but what you can do is:

In each round, you can take another two cards from the deck and put them face download with your cards. 

Then shuffle the cards, so the other player does not know which one was yours. 

It would be funnier to see a card that you didn’t even look, win over your card. 

Here’s another one:

Joking Hazard game

Joking hazard family edition

Alternative Rules

Here are some different ways to play Joking Hazard. And the drinking rules are not an official rule. It’s made by a fan of this game.

neverending story

First, Remove the red cards from the deck.

Each player gets 10 cards. Going clockwise, each player adds a panel, making one super long comic.

If the panel doesn’t make sense, the rest of the players can reject the panel, via majority vote.

If you have a card that doesn’t make sense and you can’t play it, you can trade any card from your hand for an additional two cards, and skip your turn.

The first person to run out of cards wins the game.

marathon mode

the game ends when someone earns 3 points, in marathon mode:

Instead of 3 points wins the game, you can keep playing until all the cards in the deck run out.

In the end, whoever has the most points, wins the game. If two player has same points and make it a tie, then the player with the lowest score becomes judge and add two panels, and the tied players play the punchline.

Drinking Rule

Joking Hazard Rules

I hope this article helped you in understanding the Joking hazard rules. If you want more ways to play this game, click here. You will find many more creative ways to play the game.