Five Crowns Rules – How to Play Five Crowns (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn about Five Crowns Rules and how to play the game. 

Five crowns are a five suit rummy-style card game. The game has won 5 awards and is hit among children and parents. Children more than 8 years old can play this game. The game takes almost 45 minutes to complete all the eleven rounds.

The object of the Game

Complete all 11 rounds with the lowest score after making your hand into runs and books.

Five crowns Cards 

you will get 58 cards of two decks in the game box. There are three jokers and five suits in each deck:


Each Suit consist of 11 cards, 
3-10, A Jack, Queen, and a King.

Key Concepts to play five crowns

Below are the most important five crowns rules:

Books (Sets):

A book is a combination of three or more cards of the same value, it does not matter of which suit. 

Any card can be replaced by wild cards or Joker and you can have as many wild cards in books. 


A Run is a sequence of three or more cards of the same suit.

Any card can be replaced by a wild card or joker and you can have as many wild cards in the run. 

Wild Card: 

The wild card changes with every round. 

Wild card corresponds to the total number of cards dealt in that round. For example; in the first round, 3 cards are dealt, then “3” serves as a wild card, and in 11th round, 13 cards are dealt, then “king” serves as a wild card. Jokers will be a wild card in every round.


Before start playing, shuffle all the 116 cards and select a dealer.

In the first round, the dealer deals three cards to each player in a clockwise direction, and increases the hand size by one card in every round, meaning five cards during the third round, six cards during fourth round and so on. In the last round, every player gets thirteen cards each in their hands. 

At the end of every round, the dealer will place the remaining cards on the table to make the draw pile and flip over the top card to make a discard pile.

How to play Five Crowns

The player on the left side of the dealer gets to play first and then the next turn will be clockwise. 

Each turn starts with a player taking a card from the deck or the discard pile. And the player completes his/her turn by discarding a card from his hand.

The player can only go out if he makes runs or books with the cards he/she has.

After the first player goes out, the remaining players get one last chance to clear the cards in the hand by making runs and books. Again in the next round, the remaining player will draw a card from the deck or the discard pile. Now, every player lays down the runs and books in the hand and count the remaining cards on the hand. (cards on the table will make no difference to the scores of players. Only cards that are in player’s hand are counted). 

Record the score and start next round:

in every round player will get one more card from the previous round and the wilds cards will be changed according to the round. 

Until the eleventh round when the wild card will be king. in the last round, the player with the lowest points wins the game.

Going Out

After playing all the cards of your hand and discarding the one card of your turn. You can go out. 

Now the remaining players will get the last turn to, go out or play the cards in their hand. The players can make runs and books to clear the hands. 

If they can play all their cards by making runs and books and go out, they get 0 points, but if any player still has the cards left in his/her hands after discarding one card of their turn. Will get the points of the card value.  


You can track the score by writing down in paper or digitally on your phone and laptop. 

You can also download the Five crowns Score sheet by clicking here.

Players who able to go out, score zero points, whereas the other players get score according to the cards in their hand.

Jack – 11 points
Queens – 12 points
Kings – 13 points
Wild Cards – 20 points ( wild card changes every round)
Jokers – 50 points
All other – face value( for example 7’s = 7; 8’s = 8 etc.)


The player with the lowest point at the end of all 11 rounds, will be the winner.

Helpful Tips

  • To find the wild card, count the number of cards in your hand. That number is the wild card for that round.
  • The game slogan says: The game isn’t over till the kings go out. That means you can come from behind even in the last hand.
  • After someone goes out and you have a joker and wild card in your hand and you can’t play it, the best option would be to discard it. Because the jokers and wild cards are worth lots of points. 
  • The discard card can only be drawn by the next player. For example; if someone discards a wild card and it’s not your turn, you should remain silent, it could be missed. As soon as the next player draws, that card will be dead and no one can draw it. This applies to all the discards cards.
  • You only get one turn after someone goes out, so keeping 3 kings in your hand is an advantage( because you can constitute a book). But keeping 2 kings and no wild card is a big disadvantage.
  • If you playing 7 players and in the last round. Your draw pile 25 cards are used, then the discard pile should be reshuffled and used to replenish the stack and if you playing more than 7 players, then you must reuse the discard pile during the last hands.  

These are all the five crowns rules you need to learn to play the game. If you have any doubt you can ask me in the comment section below and if you would like me to write about your favorite game, let me know below.