Farkle Rules – How to Play Instructions (Simple Explanation)

Farkle also knowns as Zilch, 6 Dice, Ten Thousand is the game when you want to have a fun time with your family and friends.

The game is popular for it’s easy to play gameplay and simple rules. and to play this game you don’t need a lot of things. You just required 6 dice, a dice cup, paper, and pen to keep scores.

You can play the game with 2 or more players but to enjoy to it’s fullest. We recommend to play it with 3 to 8 players.

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How to Setup Farkle

You don’t need to do a lot of things. Just choose a player to scorekeeper because the game requires a lot of scorekeeping.

So choose someone responsible to be the scorekeeper. Their job is to keep track of all the player score and nobody cheat.

Next, decide who goes first. To do that all the players roll one dice. The score who gets the highest number goes first.

If two or more player gets the same number, those players roll the dice again until someone one player get the highest number.

One more important things are, the game has so many variations.it is recommended that before playing all the player decide which version and rules they want to play with.

How to Play Farkle (Gameplay)

After the first player takes his/her turn, the game continues in a clockwise direction. On each player turn, put all 6 Dice in the dice cup and roll.

If any dice roll off the playing area, just roll the dice again.

Look at all the dice now, choose the dices which are worth points and roll the rest of them.

On each roll, players must set aside at least one scoring dice. For example; you get 1,2,5,5,2,6 on your turn, you may choose to set aside two 5’s for scoring, or you can choose only 1.

If you are lucky and get all the scoring dice on your first roll. You may roll them again to continue to build your running total score.

A player turns end when they decide to stop or when they fail to roll any scoring dice on their throw.

If a player decides to stop, they get all the points they have score till then.
if they are unable to set aside any dice, you have farkled. you lose your running points and your turn over.

How Scoring Works in Farkle

1 = 100 points
5 = 50 points
1,1,1 = 300 points
2,2,2 = 200 points
3,3,3 = 300 points
4,4,4 = 400 points
5,5,5 = 500 points
6,6,6 = 600 points
Four of any number = 1,000 points
five of any number = 2,000 points
six of any number = 3,000 points
1 to 6 = 1,500 points
Three Pairs = 1,500 points
Four of any number + Pair = 1,500 points
Two triplets = 2,500 points

How to Win at Farkle

The first player who scores a total of 10,000 points wins the game. Before announcing that all the players get to play one last turn.

If no player exceeds that player’s score then, that player wins the game.