Drunk Uno Rules – How to Play Instruction (Updated 2021)

Uno is a very popular card game among all the age groups. The game has so many variations, the drunk Uno version will get you crazy drunk.

The game is great to play with your friends. It does not require a lot of things to play the game. You just need, a 108 card deck and some drinks.

Before I give you the drunk Uno rules. first, you need to know the classic Uno rules because the game is almost the same.

If you know how to play the classic Uno and all the action cards rules. you can move directly to the drunk Uno rules.

Otherwise, read the below-written rules of Uno.

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How to Setup the Game

The first thing you need to do is find a dealer. You can do this either by asking all the players to draw one card from the deck.

The player who draws the highest number becomes the dealer or you can directly make the oldest player, the dealer of the game.

If two or more players draw the same number of the card, they each draw one card again to decide the dealer.

The dealer deals 7 cards to each player face down. The remaining cards become the draw pile. Now, the turn over the top card to form a discard pile.

The player sitting next to the dealer always goes first, then the game proceeds in a clockwise direction.

How to Play Drunk Uno (Gameplay)

On each player’s turn, they have to match the cards on their hands to the topmost card on the pile. The matching can be based on number or color.

You may also play a wild card or the +4 card. If the player does not have a matching card or any wild card.

Then the player can take a card from the draw pile and take a drink (according to the drunk Uno rules) to end their turn.

Make sure to yell Uno when you left with only one card. otherwise, you have to draw four cards and drink.

The game ends when someone gets rid of all of their cards. that player will be announced the winner of the game

Action cards in Uno

Reverse card

This card reverses the whole game. It changes the order of the play. Usually, the game moves in a clockwise direction. But this card makes it go anticlockwise.

Skip Card

When you play this card, the next player must skip their turn. If you only play with 2 players. the person who plays this card. Get another turn.

Pick up two card

When you play this card, the next player must pick two cards from the deck and skip their turn. And if the next player plays another +2. Then it turns into 4 cards. means the next player draws 4 cards.

Wild card

The wild card may be played on any number of colors. When you play this card you get to choose the color of the play.

Wild pickup four card

When you play this card, the next player must pick four cards and skip their turn. And you get to choose the color of the play.

What you need to play Drunk Uno

If you wanna go crazy get the giant Uno card deck to play the game. It would be crazy to hold the giant cards on your hands.

To play the game you need an Uno card deck and Drink for all the players.

All the rules of the Uno remain the same except the following rules.

Rules of Drunk Uno

Rule #1 On each player’s turn they must play a card from their hand. If they fail in doing that, then they must take a drink and draw one card from the draw pile.

Rule #2 when someone plays the skip or reverse card and you skipped or reversed on your turn. You need to take a drink.

Rule #3 When any player plays the wild cards, all the player including the dealer takes a drink. And if +4 wild cards are played.

Everybody takes a drink but if the following player fails to play the card. They must drink 5 times ( 1 for a wild card and 4 for +4 card)

Rule #4 In Uno classic if any player plays +2 and +4 cards. the next player must play the same card.

For example; if you played +2 card on your turn and the next player fails in doing that. That player must take 2 drinks.

Rule #5 Similarly like above if they fail in playing the +4 Card. They must drink 4 drinks.

Rule #6 if a player fails in saying Uno When they have left with only one card. They must take 4 drinks.

Players get the chance to say Uno before the next player takes their turn.

Rule #7 When you play drunk Uno, sometimes players forget that it’s their turns. if any player forgets that, they must take a drink.

Rule #8 when the first player gets rid of their cards. all the players count the remaining cards on their hands. Each card is equal to 1 Drink.

Rule #9 Some Uno version comes with a blank wild card. You can fill any rule you would like and it’s the best time to get creative and the game more fun.

Rule #10 When the draw pile doesn’t have any cards. shuffle the cards that discard pile and continue playing until someone wins.

You can get creative with the rules, these above rules are just made by Uno game lovers who like to have fun with their friends while drinking and playing the game.

There are a lot of variations available to play this game. You can choose any of them you will still have fun.

For example; you can play the drunk Uno in teams, two players on each team. The game ends when any player of the teams get rid of their cards.

It does not matter if the other team member still has all of their cards in their hand. The first team to rid of the cards wins the game.

To all the young boys and girls, please remember to drink responsibly.