Don’t Wake Daddy Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Don’t wake daddy is kids game. In the game, players try to move around the game board by drawing cards.

To play the game you need:

Game Board
Bed, Headboard, and daddy
A deck of 24 cards
4 Movers
Mover Bases
Daddy Nightcap

The object of the game to reach the refrigerator bypassing all the obstacles without waking daddy wins the game.

How to Setup the Game

Place the daddy bed in the center of the play area and make sure to put his nightcap on his head. Then, put daddy to sleep by pressing him down.

All the players then choose a color piece and place them to the matching bed at the start of the track.

Now, shuffle the cards and deal equally with all the players. if you are playing with three players, then put one card on the side and the numbered space associated with that card becomes a safe space.

How to Play Don’t Wake the Daddy (Gameplay)

The youngest player will start the game and then the proceeds in the clockwise direction (left).

On your turn, you have to spin the spinner. If you get a color, then move your piece to that color first unoccupied space.

And if you get a purple star, then move your piece to space right in front of the leader.

When there are no pieces on the game board and get a purple star, then move your piece to the first spot.

When you land on a plain colored space that has no number and picture. Then you are safe.

When you land on picture and number space. then you need to have the card that matches the number.

If you don’t have the card that matches, you must press the Daddy’s alarm clock the same number of times.

After pressing the alarm there are chances that daddy might wake up. if daddy wakes, take the matching card from any player.

And go back to your bed at the start of the track. If daddy didn’t wake from the alarm, then stay on space.

How to win the game

When you about to reach the end of the track and you spin a color that has no more spaces left of that color.

You move your piece to the rainbow space because the Rainbow has all the colors. And you win the game.

The first player to reach the rainbow refrigerator wins the game.