Connect 4 Shots Rules – How to play Connect 4 Shots (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn Connect 4 shots rules and how to play connect 4 shots game.

Connect 4 Shots game is a fast-paced game by Hasbro launched in 2018. The game comes with the same type of feel as connect 4 original because of it’s four in row rule and grid style.

In the box

collapsible grid
cardboard backboard
2 stands
12 yellow balls
12 red balls
orange ball

Objective of the game

Be the first player to shot 4 balls of the same color in the grid.

Game setup

Look in the below image to set up your gaming board and slide the backboard up and put it aside. 

 Pull the ramp up until it makes a click.

How to play connect 4 shots

  1. Put the game board in a table with enough space to bounce the ball once before going into the grid.
  2. For more than two are playing, make teams and divide the player into two teams.
  3. Both the players will shot the ball at the same time and make sure that the ball bounce before it goes in the grid.
  4. If you run out of balls, collect the balls from the table and ground and start shotting the ball again. Once a ball goes in the grid, no one touches that ball.
  5. The game continues until one player bounced the balls into a row of four, or all the balls are in the grid without anyone completing the game.

Connect 4 shots tie Rule

After shooting all the balls in the grid and neither of you got a four in a row, then grab the tiebreaker orange ball. Now, This one ball will determine which player will win.

  1. The first player to land all the balls in the grid gets the chance to go first.
  2. Now the rule is simple, it does not matter if the ball makes four in a row.
  3. Take turns one by one and bounce the ball into an open slot (The stuck ball above the grid does not count).
  4. The first person to land the orange ball in the grid wins the game.

The game is quite fun to play and the connect 4 shots rules are easy to understand. the reason behind this is the game created for kids below 10 years.