Catch Phrase Rules – How to Play Instruction (Updated 2020)

Catch Phrase is a party game for adults. In the game, players have to guess the words. You can play the game with 4 or more players at a time.

The objective of the game is to be the first team to reach 7 points. both the teams can gain points by not holding the game unit when the timer stops.

How to Setup the Game

You can only play this game with two teams and to play the game smoothly.

Arrange one team player sitting next to the other team player. So passing the game unit becomes easy.

Start the game unit by pressing the start/stop button. And before start playing, make sure that the scores are zero for both the teams.

If you see both or any of the team scores are not zero, just press both team’s buttons at the same time to clear the scores.

Next, you have to select a category by pressing the category button, there are a total of 7 categories in the game. Which are as follow:

  • Food
  • Places
  • Sci-Tech
  • Entertainment
  • The World
  • Sports & Games
  • Everything

If you don’t select a category the default category is everything, which includes all the categories in the game.

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How to Play Catch Phrase (Gameplay)

After deciding the team and sitting according to, so passing the game unit become quick as possible. One player from team 1 will start the game

The player will take the game unit and press the start button. When the player press the button, a timer starts and a word from the chosen category appear on the display.

Now, the player’s task is to give clues to their team members. So they can guess the word. There are some rules associated with how you can give clues.

Accept for saying the word, you may give any kind of verbal clue and physical gestures to your team.

No Rhymes words are allowed.

Saying the first and last word of the clue.

Giving a part of the word

If any player found cheating by breaking any above rules. that team must press the stop button on the game unit to turn off the timer.

The other team gets 1 point for that round because the other team found cheating.

If you able to give clues to your team and they guess the word right. Pass the game unit to other team members.

Then, they will press the next button to find the next word. The turn ends when time runs out.

How to Score Points

Players must pass the game unit before the timer stops to gain 1 point. And they get one chance to guess the word of the opposite team.

On a correct guess, they get one point. in total, they get 2 points for that round.
Now, you have to enter the scores in the game unit. To do that, wait until the timer stops.

Then the losing team will press team 1 or team 2 buttons to award 1 score to the winning team.

How to Win at Catch Phrase

The game ends when a team scores 7 points. that team will declare the winner and game unit will play a tine and display the winning team.

Catch Phrase Things to Know

Both the team score are visible all the time on the game unit.

If you want to clear both the team’s score and start the game again, just press the team 1 and team 2 score button at the same time.

If you don’t use the game unit for 5 minutes straight. the game goes into sleep mode. To make the game up, press the start button.

You can not change a category during a play, to change the category the timer must not running.