Candy Land Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Candy land is a racing board game, specially made for little children who can play the game just by understand the colors.

You get 1 colorful gameboard, 4 gingerbread character pawns and 64 cards to play the game.

Objective of the game

Be the first player to reach the candy castle by landing on the multi-colored rainbow space at the end of the game board.

How to Setup Game

Take the game board and place it in the center of the table. Now, shuffle all the cards and place the deck face-up within all player’s reach.

Each Player chooses a Gingerbread Character pawn. There are 4 gingerbread characters in 4 different colors. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Choose one character and take the deck that matches their character color. Next stack the extra orange and purple deck face-up next to the board.

And place your character pawn on the start space on the game board.

How to play Candy Land (Gameplay)

The youngest player goes first, then the game proceeds in the clockwise direction.

On your turn, you draw one card from the deck then move your character as directed by that card.

Cards in Candy Land

The game has 3 different types of cards in the deck. Cards with one color block, two-color block, and picture cards.

Each card has different rules. the rules are as follow:

#1 When you Draw one color block Card on your turn, then move your pawn forward to the first matching color space on the path.

#2 When you Draw a two-color block card on your turn, then move your pawn forward to the second matching color space on the path.

#3 When you draw a picture card, then move your pawn forward or backward to the picture space onboard that matches your card.

How to Move your character in the Game

The rules of candy land are pretty simple, you just have to move forward to the candy castle but there are some extra rules which make the game for fun to play.

1. In candy land, two or more character pawns may be in the same space at the same time.

2. A player must move forward in the game unless you draw a picture card that instructs you to go backward.


There are two shortcuts path on the game board; They are named the Gumdrop Pass and Rainbow Trail.

You will find the Rainbow trail under the orange space and Gumdrop pass under the Yellow space.

If you land exactly on the space below these shortcuts, move your pawn immediately up the shortcut to space above it.

Licorice Spaces

There are three licorice spaces on your path. If you land on one of the spaces, you must skip your next turn.

The game continues until someone reaches the multi-colored rainbow space.

How to Win Candy Land.

The First person to reach the Multi-colored rainbow space, wins the game.

Additional Rules for Younger Player.

If your child gets upset because he/she has to move backward. Then you can apply these rules.

When a player draws a picture card, where they have to move backward, you may just discard the card and draw another card.

If all the player is younger, you should just remove all the picture cards from the deck before starting the game.

Addition Rules for Older players

If candy land becomes too simple for you or you have mastered the game. You may add additional rules.

Where on each player turn, they will draw 2 cards instead of one. Then it’s the player choice, which card they want to play.

After moving the pawn discard both cards.