Bunco Rules – How to Play Bunco (The Right Way)

This article is for those who want to learn Bunco Rules and How to play Bunco game.


Bunco game objective is to get the most Buncos and wins during 4 sets of play.

Bunco terms


A Bunco happens when the player rolls the dice and gets all 3 dice of the same number as the round number they are playing. For example, you roll the dice and get 3 dice of “2” in round 2 or 3 dice of “3” in round 3, this will earn you 21 points. the player will record 1 point on the player score sheet.

 Baby Bunco  

A baby bunco happens when you roll 3 dice of the same number different than a round number. you get 5 points but no continue rolling.


Round is a full turn of the number presently being rolled. As you may see on the score sheet, every set is divided into 6 rounds.  


6 rounds of the game equal to 1 set. The whole game finish in a total of 4 sets.


If you don’t have a Required player, then a ghost player may be substituted. The ghost player moves from chair to chair as an actual player would. If the ghost player rolls a Bunco, his/her team score’s 21 points and teammate score the bunco point.

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Game setup

A Bunco game requires a little time to set up, because of 12 players. Below is the list of things to play the game.

12 player 
3 Tables and something to sit.
1 Bunco Table Score sheet on Each Table
4 Player Score Sheets on Each Table
4 Pens or Pencils
3 Dice.
A bell on the Head Table.

It is recommended that you should set up each table earlier because a game of bunco requires a lot of items on each table and it takes time.

How to play Bunco (Gameplay)

The game starts from the Head table when the head table rings a bell or indicate other teams to start the game.

The game starts with each player taking turns to roll the three dice on all tables simultaneously to try to start scoring points.

The current round number is important to remember because to make a Bunco you need to get 3 same number of dice as the round number. For example, getting three one’s in the first round would earn the player point.

Players score one point for every dice that matches the number of the round. If the player gets the dice of the same number as the current round, he gets to play again until he stops making points. The scorekeeper records the points in the table team score sheet. Then the game proceeds in a clockwise direction.

The round ends when any players from the head table score a bunco and earned 21 points. The head table announces round is over by ringing the bell. Other table players who are in the middle of their turn, may complete their turn and record the scores. The highest-scoring team on each table wins the game.

Note: The game will continue until the head table rings the bell, even when the other member from the different table gets a bunco and scored 21 points.      

On every round, players change the tables and partners they were playing with and sit on another table with another teammate.

At the end of 2 or 4 sets( as much as you were playing), the winners win the prize. Before starting the game you can choose the prizes. You may even give the prize to the person with the most loss.  


Each table has 4 players score sheets and 1 table score sheet. Players from each table choose one player to be the scorekeeper. The scorekeeper job is to keep track of how many of the round numbers is rolled by each team.

You will get 1 point for every dice you get of a current round number. for example; if you roll 2 dice of 4 number, on the fourth round. You will get 2 points.

If you rolled 3 dice of 4 number, on the fourth round. You will have to say bunco a little loud then you will get 21 points.

Baby bunco earns you 5 points if you get 3 dice of the same number but not the round number.

If the head table gets a bunko and rings the bell. another table will continue playing that round.

The players will record their wins and losses in the score sheet by putting W(win) or L(loss) in front of the round number.

Prizes for the:
Most of Bunco’s
Most Wins 
Most Losses
Most wipeouts
First Bunco
Traveling Wipeout

Alternate ways to play Bunco
Weighted Scoring

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