Blokus Rules – How to play Blokus (The Right Way)

Blokus is a strategy board game for 2-4 players. In the game, players try to score points by putting their color pieces on the board.

In the box, you get a Board and 84 pieces in four different colors. You get 21 pieces for each color.

All the pieces you get are of different shapes.

One square – 1 piece
Two squares – 2 pieces
Three squares – 3 pieces
Four squares – 5 Pieces
Five Squares – 12 pieces

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to be the first player to place all 21 pieces on the game board.

Setting up game

Each player chooses a color and takes 21 pieces of that color. Blue goes first, followed by yellow, then red, and last green.

How to play Blokus (gameplay)

The player who chooses blue color goes first and starts the game.

Each player must play their first piece in their color corner of the board and after that, they may play in any open space, as long as the new piece is touching the corner of your previously placed piece.

You may only play a move if the new piece is touching corners with your previous piece of the same color.

Note: the only edge to edge contact of the same piece is allowed, you can not play a move where your new piece is fully touching your previous played piece.

On your turn just place your pieces on the available space and making sure that it does not touch your other pieces.

A player may end their turn by placing a piece or passing the turn because there is no place to put the piece.

Then the yellow player goes second and finds a place for their color piece on the board. the game continues clockwise.

The game gets harder and harder with each piece your and your opponent place on the board. then finding an open spot becomes more difficult.

In the end, either the players run out of pieces, or run out of open spots to place their remaining pieces.

How to Win

The first player to successfully place all their pieces in the game board wins the game but there are many chances they won’t be able to play all the pieces.

Then the game goes around the table and if no player can play any more of their pieces, the game ends, and every player counts their remaining pieces ( 1 piece = -1 point).

The player who placed all their pieces on the board gets 15 points and an additional 5 bonus points if the last piece placed on the board was the smallest.

In the end, the player with the most points wins the game.

Blokus strategy

The best strategy to play Blokus is to place your big pieces early in the game.
There a reason behind that, you get 12 pieces of five squares and 5 pieces of 4 squares to play.

That’s 17 big pieces, which require more open space to play, and they also worth more ( – ) points.

Playing the big pieces at the start is a good decision because you get a lot of open space at the start of the game.

And playing small pieces is the end is easy because the small pieces required less space and after the game, the board fills up.

You can only play small pieces that fit between the big pieces. So play your big pieces, early in the game, and small pieces on the last turns.

And seeing your opponent strategy is also important; if your opponent is also trying to place their big pieces early on the game.

You may place your piece to disrupt the opponent’s move. Forcing them to play small pieces early on.

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