Blink Rules – How to Play Instructions (Updated 2020)

Blink is a card game for two players, created by Mattel games. All the kids from the age above 7 can play this game. The game does not take a lot of time. You can play one game in only 2 minutes.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards on their hand and draw pile.

Blink Rules

You get 60 cards in your game box. Shuffle the deck and divide the cards equally to all the players.

If you playing with two-player, both the players get 30 cards each. Place one pile in front of each player. These cards will be their draw pile.

Now, place the top cards of your draw pile in the center of the table or your playing area face-down. Make sure that both the cards are within each player’s reach.

After that, take 3 cards from your draw pile to form your hand. Now, turn over the card you placed on the center of the play area face-up to start the game.

How to Play Blink (Gameplay)

The game has no turns, both the player race to play their cards on to the either of the center piles. To play your cards, you must match your cards with the center pile card.

You require to match at least one characteristic (Color, Shape, or Count) matching with center cards.

For Example, a card with blue stars could be played on any card with blue symbols(color), or a card with any number of the star(shape), or on a card with four symbols of any kind(count).

A player can play only one card in one turn. After playing the three cards from their hands. They require to draw more cards from their draw pile.

A player may only have three cards on their hand at a time.

How to Win at Blink

To win the game players have to play all of their draw pile and hand card. the first player who gets rid of all the cards wins the game.

The game is one of the world’s fastest game, so if you want to play for a little while. You may play the best of three or five-match to determine the game-winner.

Blink Special Rules

It is possible that at one point both the player will not have a legal card to play. In that case, both the player may take the top card of their draw pile and put it into the center of the play area.

And continue playing the game. But if one or more player does not have a draw pile. Then, both the player takes one card from there hand and pace it into the center pile to continue the game.

The above situation may result in one player winning the game or a tie. If both the player have only once card left in their hand.

How to Play Blink with Three or Four Players

To play with three players, follow the same rules, and add pile in the center of the play area.

In the three players’ games, the player can not play the cards on all three piles. Instead of they may play on the pile to their right or their left.

To play with four players, you don’t have to do anything, first play the two separate games and the winner of each game would play the final game.